Our expert computer technicians provide a wide variety of services to keep your computer on pace with your lifestyle. No matter what the problem-anything from virus trouble, to broken hardware, to sluggish performance-we can diagnose your desktop or laptop correctly and repair

Computer Service

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Laptop Repairs & Services

Crummy performance or a broken screen does not mean the end for your laptop. From hardware upgrades to broken screen replacements, we offer a broad range of services to repair and improve your laptop to help you get the most out of it.


Basic Diagnostic
- Identify problems in your system with recommendations for repair $49.99 /up

Software Services

Create Recovery Disk for New System
- Includes system recovery USB key
- Remove unnecessary software
- Install Windows updates and Microsoft Security Essentials
- Install free applications $69.99

Operating System Installation (Windows or Mac OS)
- Install all drivers and Windows updates
- Install Microsoft Security Essentials
- Remove unnecessary software
- Operating System software not included $69.99

Application Installation
-Install individual software (MS Office, Anti-virus, accounting software, or other applications) $19.99

Virus Removal
- Remove all viruses, malware, spyware, trojans, spyware, etc.
- Includes Norton or McAfee Antivirus software with latest updates $99.99

Driver Installation
- Installation of missing driver and update to the latest available driver. $19.99

BIOS Update
- Update BIOS to the latest version while retaining previous BIOS settings. $49.99

Email Back up
- Back up all emails and contacts, restore back to your system. $49.99

System Services

System Dust Removal and Cleaning

System Cloning
- Creation of a virtual system that has the same disk contents, accounts, root password, and number of network interfaces as the original. Storage device of cloning is not included. $89.99

System Setup
- Personalized account setup
- Windows and driver updates
- Removal of unnecessary software
- Creation of recovery media
- Software installation (software not included) $79.99

All-In-One Setup / Windows Install
- Personalized account setup
- Windows and driver updates
- Removal of unnecessary software
- Creation of recovery media
- Anti-virus/security installation
- Data transfer (up to 2TB)
- Software installation (software not included) $99.99

Refresh System (Imaging) Setup
- Installation of a new hard drive (hardware not included)
- Comprehensive Norton Security virus and malware scan
- Transfer of all your data and settings (unlimited data transfer)
- Installation of the latest windows updates and other select programs $119.99

Hardware Replacement and Upgrade

Keyboard Replacement $99.99
Backlit keyboards $129.99

Fan Replacement $119.99

Memory Upgrade* $29.99

Hard Drive Replacement* $29.99

Optical Drive Replacement $59.99

Screen Replacement**

13" to 15" $189.99
14" to 15" Full HD 1080p $229.99
17" $229.99
17" Full HD 1080p $259.99

DC Jack Replacement $99.99

USB Port Replacement $99.99

Audio Jack Replacement $99.99

Motherboard Repair*
- Please note that only certain parts on the motherboard can be repaired $149

LCD Cable Replacement $49.99

* Hardware not included.
** Touchscreen not included.

Data Services

Data Backup / Transfer 1TB, 2TB , 3TB up
- Backup data to external hard drive $49.99 /up

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